One iTunes library on multiple PCs, synched through cloud services

I have a desktop computer and a laptop. I want both devices to use the same iTunes library so I put all of it into my OneDrive folder (Yep, it’s a lot of space). You could easily use any other

Key bindings of OUYA-Controller for keylayouts

Image of an OUYA-Controller and its key bindings

As I wrote the other article about getting FLIRC to work with your OUYA, XBMC and an Apple Remote, I figured out that it would be a good idea to also publish my findings about the OUYA-Controller key bindings for

Getting FLIRC to work with OUYA and XBMC

So I received my OUYA. My main use for it will be running XBMC (XBox Media Center). I ordered a FLIRC USB device in order to use an Apple Remote with it. Unfortunately that doesn’t really work out too well

Samsung Smart TV and Buffalo Linkstation NAS „Unsupported Format“ with HD files

Combining a Samsung SMART TV with a Buffalo Linkstation NAS generally works pretty well. Unless – you want to play HD-Files. You need to do some basic easy bugfixing with your Linkstation or you’ll simply get „unsupported format“ from your